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Rehabilitating Wild Animals ...
Tips on Transporting Injured or Orphaned Wildlife

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Welcome to Frisky's Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary, Inc. on-line!

At Frisky’s, we have 3 main spheres of service to animals.  Frisky's is a non-profit Wildlife Rehabilitation center located in Howard County, MD.  We take in injured, orphaned, abandoned, or displaced wildlife.  If you find an injured animal in your yard or along the side of the road, you can bring it to us for rehabilitation, where the goal is to always return them back to their natural home once they are well enough or old enough.  If you are not sure how to transport an injured animal, you may call us for instructions on how to get it here safely.

We are a rescue center and home to Primates and other small exotics who have been kept as Pets and are no longer able to live with their owners.  Monkey’s are not meant to be pets, but unfortunately there are brokers who continue to sell primates even though it is illegal in many states to have a monkey as a pet.  They become too difficult and demanding for most to handle and end up having to find another home. You cannot take the wild animal instincts out of a monkey. We provide a safe home with love and enrichments for those primates who end up without a home and have been imprinted by human care. These animals live the remainder of their lives at Frisky’s and are never adopted out.

We are an Adoption Center for Domestic pets (mostly birds, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs --- NO dogs and cats) that have been given up on for one reason or another by their owners.  The excuse we hear most often is “We just don’t have the time for him/her any more.”  Our mission is to care for them until we can find them a loving home with someone who has had species related experience and is willing to make a lifetime commitment.  Often, the psychological damage that has been done to these pets because of neglect from previous owners is our biggest challenge.  We love hearing success stories from the happy new family that has taken one of them in.

Many hours per week are spent in telephone education and consulting.  We find many people breathe a sigh of relief once they have been coached on what to do when they have a concern about wildlife in their yard.  Sometimes an intervention is needed, sometimes it is not.  We give people peace of mind when they know that they have done everything they could to help an animal they are concerned about.   


Tours to the Community!
Come learn about what we do, why we do it, 
and meet the animals!

Registration for all 2013 community tours is now closed.
Please check back in April for our 2014 community tour dates.


Click on album cover below to view the 2012 Frisky's Yearbook

Monkey Business — 37 Better Business  Practices Learned Through Monkeys
--- the book based on the monthly column.  

Heather has observed thousands of hours of human workplace behavior and hundreds of hours of monkey behavior and have found there is a connection!  A portion of every book sold will go to support Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary, Inc. in Woodstock, MD. The book is available now at:


Frisky's supporter sees monkey-business connection (Baltimore Sun)
Volunteer-turned-author to donate part of proceeds from book to wildlife sanctuary in Woodstock
Frisky's monkeys can stay at Woodstock animal sanctuary

Links to articles ... article
Frisky's Monkeys Can Stay (WBAL article and recording with Colleen)


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