How Are My Donations Being Used ...

Frisky’s  gives a second chance at life to about 1,500 animals per year.  Since we receive no Federal, State, or county funding, we rely on the good hearted donations from the public.  Although it is our hope that every time someone brings in an animal to be rescued they will give a donation to help cover the costs of its care, this often does not happen.  People may not have the money or just don’t realize that we are not funded.  We do not charge for our services.  We are all volunteers, including the Manager and Master Wildlife Rehabilitator, Colleen Layton-Robbins, who is there 24/7 and has made it her life mission to serve those who come into her life and need help.  It is not fair (or possible) that the responsibility for caring for and about the wildlife in the county is put on the shoulders of one person, so the volunteers often reach into their own pockets to help.

If you can make a donation for the sake of the wildlife that is injured, orphaned, or abandoned, and for the pets who have been given up on, it is much appreciated.  Below are some examples of how your donations are used:


$100.00 Buys 1 bottle of insulin for 2 insulin dependent Diabetic Monkeys (one bottle lasts 3 weeks)
$50.00 Buys Exotic Bird food for one week (for the parrots, parakeets, cockatoo’s that were given up on by their owners).
$25.00 Buys the weekly first aid supplies for injured animals
$10.00 Feeds 1 monkey per day (Monkey chow, banana’s, vegetables, fruit and nut mix, rice, cranberry juice)
$1.00 Buys an apple for baby bunnies, squirrels, and groundhogs.

We are currently raising funds to refurbish rusting enclosures.


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