Frisky's Wish List for the Animals


Frisky's is a Non-Profit Organization (a 501 (c) 3 Organization) and
is NOT Federally, State or Locally Funded.

Frisky's survives solely on the generosity of the public for funds.


exam gloves and heavy work gloves
Paper Towels … Simple Green
Disfecting Wipes (Any Brand) .. Long Handles Scrub Brushes
Tide with Bleach Laundry Soap and liquid bleach
Baby Wipes - Unscented (Any Brand)
ZipLock Bags – Gallon & 2 Gallon Sizes
Wash Cloths, Towels, Sheets, Blankets, Comforters: 
(New or Used - Must be Clean)
Pedialyte – Unflavored … Cases of Bottled Water 
Batteries – Any Size … Flashlights 
New Battery Operated Smoke Detectors
Heavy Duty Trash Bags – Kitchen size and 30 Gal.
Canned Fruits / Canned Vegetables … Saltine Crackers
Nuts Shelled and in Shell - (NO Salt) …. Healthy Cereals 
Dry and Canned Cat Food 
Comfort Care Bedding … Timothy Hay
Parakeet, Cockatiel and Parrot Food
Any Pet Food – Chinchilla, Mouse/Rat, Ferret, etc.
Rabbit Food – (Wild Harvest Brand - May be Purchased at Wal-Mart)
Milk Replacement - KMR & Esbilac Brand
(Liquid or powder –Found in Pet Stores) 
GIFT CARDS for Feed, Office, Grocery, Wal-Mart, etc.
PLEASE.. No Rugs, Carpeting or Pillows


Managers Colleen Layton and Scott Robbins Thank You for your Support!

Frisky's Reservation : A Private Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary

10790 Old Frederick Rd (Route 99) Woodstock, MD 21163

(410) 418-8899


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