Volunteer's Page
Volunteers must at least 16 years old.   No exceptions will be made.

The mission of volunteers at Frisky's is to learn and practice respect for all of the creatures at Frisky's and to devote all thoughts and actions toward facilitating the best possible outcome for animals and humans at the sanctuary. While there are no paid positions at Frisky's, all volunteer positions are fully trained, supervised and overseen. Mandatory training includes the following objectives:
  • To leave the animals and environment in better condition than those in which you found them
  • To become a nurse to those in need
  • To become a waitress for different animals, serving different meals
  • To become a maid and to clean, and clean and then clean even more
  • To learn nutritional, activity, and visual enrichments, to keep all animals stress free
  • To learn how to keep all gates shut
  • To learn how to keep all locks locked
  • To learn when all tasks are to be done
  • To learn how to properly document animal care and behavior, cleaning tasks, telephone messages and all other functions of Frisky's
  • To wear eye and hand protective devices while in Macaque proximity
  • To become aware of health risks involved with zoonotic diseases, animal bites and scratches
  • To learn all emergency procedures related to weather conditions, loss of utility services, animal and/or human human wound treatment, escaped animal protocols
  • To undergo testing and evaluation after completion of 80 hours of supervised training
  • To receive rabies vaccination(s) upon successful completion, testing and evaluation of all training

These trainings prepare all volunteers for performance that supports Frisky's history of providing the best possible animal care and treatment; prevention of infectious disease transmissions; animal non-escape record for the past 31 years; and worthiness of July 2001 United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) licensing.

Our volunteers are very special people and we greatly appreciate them! Whether they get down and dirty by cleaning cages or keep clean by doing administrative work, they are all VERY IMPORTANT to the sanctuary!

Click here for Fisky's Volunteer Application Form

NOTE:  This form MUST be printed, it can NOT be filled in online.


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