A Special Appeal from Manager Colleen Layton

Dear Friends of Frisky's

I wish to appeal to the real caring hearts of the animal lovers. As the founder and manager of Frisky's Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary and Rescue, I Colleen Layton have devoted my whole life to saving and caring for ALL animals that come my way. Night and Day are completely spent on the welfare of the animals. I've heard many people remark over the years that I have several hundred animals. NO!! They have me! I'm their maid, cook, nurse, and their waitress. I deal with daily phone calls, animals coming in and being dropped off, and dealing with their problems. It seems my volunteers and I try to run this place like a medical facility. We are forever changing cages, pens cleaning floors, etc. It never ends.

With no funding at the county, state or federal level, we need your HELP!! Please help Frisky's, your donations of money or items are tax-deductible. Donations of "Wish List" items are accepted any nice weather days, between 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. or can be sent by UPS or USPS. You can also help Frisky's by making a tax deductible donation through PayPal or having your own Garage sale/Fundraiser.

So please help. For adoptions, you need to have experience with animals, a vet, and you will need to make whatever donation one can afford to the sanctuary. Our average donation averages between $25 to $100, but they are too few and far sometimes. I personally want to say Thanks from all the critters at Frisky's for any support you may be able to give. 

Colleen Layton 



  1. Frisky's will accept all Wildlife regardless of physical condition, mental handicaps or problems.

  2. Frisky's will provide the best care, medicine, and food to each critter and bird as soon as it arrives. To be sure to complete the paperwork and pictures to have a record or each animal.

  3. Frisky's will provide clean enclosures that are adequate and safe for each individual animal.

  4. As soon as they are physically fit, Frisky's will: 

    1. Get the Wildlife back to nature or the State Park right away.

    2. Get domestic animals into adoptive homes. Note - No one can adopt or foster parent any domestic pet unless they have a vet, experience, and a driver's license to verify identity.

  5. You must have your heart in the right place, but more important, your brains must be in gear to provide for each animal's individual needs.

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